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I've had a Bookabuy subscription since July this year (2016) and it's easily the best decision I've made all year. I signed up for a 12 month Mixed Genre which is perfect for me as I don't have a particular genre I prefer above others. So far I've had historical fiction, thriller, literary/historical fiction, and a horror/fantasy, so it's a been a really good mix.

On my second month the book I received was one I'd read only a few weeks before, but Mel sent a replacement book to me and I had it within a couple of days. I can't speak highly enough of the excellent customer service! Everything really does feel personalised and I love that.

Getting my Bookabuy subscription in the post really is the highlight of my month and as someone whose next read generally comes from the mountain of unread books I've been staring at for ages, I especially like not knowing what I'll receive. It's put a bit of mystery back in my reading life.

Heather, NSW

I just wanted to say thank you for providing an absolutely wonderful service! I have so much fun picking out my subscription, and receiving a book each month is so exciting! Every time I'm amazed by how well you've chosen - there have been a couple of cases where I'd literally been about to go and borrow the book from the library, only to have it arrive on my doorstep! You've helped me keep on top of the latest books, and introduced me to ones I'd never have picked myself.
I've had three different 3-month subscriptions so far, I've just signed up for a 12 month one, and I'm going to be subscribing my friend for her birthday. So yeah, you're awesome! It's great to see how you keep on expanding. Keep up the good work.

Steph, VIC

Completely hooked on my second Bookabuy selection… so impressed with the choices so far and the fact that they replaced a book which I already owned (and also loved- once again a great pick!) so easily by providing a self addressed envelope with the replacement book. Thanks for such fantastic service!

Elizabeth, VIC

I read. A lot. But it kinda means shopping for more books is hard because I've already read most of what appeals to me, and branching out to find a new author or book to try is hard. So I indulged in a subscription for myself. Filling out the form was fun!
First book arrived yesterday (and OMG, the anticipation! I couldn't decide if I wanted to open it and spoil the surprise or not!). The book I received is one I have been thinking of buying, so a perfect choice! Then I sat down to read it last night, only to discover it's also signed by the author.
So um yeah, wow. One book in, and I'm loving it!

Tanya, WA

2nd book into a 6 month subscription and I couldn't be happier! Stories I wouldn't have picked for myself but so glad I've read them. Such a great idea for friends and family. Love it!

Megan, NSW

I just wanted to write a quick note to say “Thank you, Thank you!”. I recently bought a 6 month gift subscription for a darling dear friend for her birthday. In the description I wrote something along the lines of … she’s a mum of 2 young kiddos & this gift would be some luxurious time to herself. She received her first book really quickly & text me a photo of the cover when it arrived saying “It’s here & looks fabulous”. My heart was singing with anticipation, as she’d already claimed it as “That’s the most awesome gift ever!!!". She received “A year of Marvellous Ways”, an author she hadn’t read before, but was excited.

I touched base a week later to see how the book was going, her reply “It’s beautiful! I absolutely love it. Just the type of book I like”. So I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt Thanks in making my friend feel special & taking her away to a special place overtime she gets to open the book.

Nadine, QLD

Best gift I have ever received!

I have just received my first book 'Music and Freedom' and I just wanted to write to thank you for a great pick, I am extremely impressed with my boyfriend Nikhil for organising this. Really looking forward to the next 2 months!!!

Radha, VIC

I received a Bookabuy subscription as a gift. The books which I received had great variety, and were all books that I never would have discovered otherwise. A great service!

David, NSW

I was lucky enough to receive a 12 month Bookabuy subscription from a special friend. This would have to be one of the best and most thoughtful gifts ever.

Denise, VIC

I was given a Bookabuy subscription for Christmas and it's one of the best presents I've ever received. Each month I receive a fabulous book, selected just for me. Every book I have received has been brilliant, it's always a lovely surprise to receive my new book wrapped up in brown paper and string.

Tina, QLD

Absolutely fantastic service. It's a surprise present you can get for yourself :) Great idea to find new treasures, especially if you're having trouble finding anything new (like me). Mel is also very proactive in responding to emails and queries which is amazing. I love this service so much I'm seriously contemplating getting a second subscription in a different genre just so I can get TWO surprise books. Seriously is a dream of mine :)​

Missy, NSW

Today I got my first book from Bookabuy. And look how cute it is! This book, once unwrapped, ended up being Ruined by Amy Tintera, which is actually a book I had been meaning to buy but hadn't yet because I'm trying to not buy books. So for this first month I am very satisfied with the Bookabuy service! I particularly loved how cute the packaging is! I'm definitely impressed, and will be very excited for my final two months. Many thanks Bookabuy.

Tanaya, NSW

So excited to read my new Bookabuy! The team were so lovely and got me a signed copy of Hanya Yanagihara's "A Little Life". Out of all that I've received, I've been most excited to read this one and seeing as they've failed to disappoint me the past four months, I'm confident the fifth instalment will be just as spectacular! After writing reports I think this long beauty will be accompanied by some apple cinnamon tea and mini cupcakes.

Kelsy, VIC

A good cup of tea and cosy blanket are essential for winter, and a Bookabuy subscription is handy all year round! This new Lionel Shriver was in my June parcel and I am so excited to read it!

Lara, VIC

Simply wanted to say thankyou! From the books I have received so far, you've hit the spot perfectly regarding what I'm interested in and enjoy reading.

Also, thank you so much for organising to send my books all the way to GERMANY. You are truly fantastic! As much as I enjoy trying to read books in German, I'm always excited to receive my new book in English each month. Something which I can truly relax with a good cuppa and enjoy thoroughly.

Loving all the little cute cards, stickers, bookmarks and knick knacks.

Keep it coming, please!

Lizzie, Stralsund, Germany

We have been fortunate enough to have been given a gift from Rachel, of 6 months of wonderful reading in which you have picked from information that Rachel has given you about what we like to read. We have had 4 books each so far and have read each book before the next one is due and true to what you have written about each one, we have found them hard to put down.

We have been so excited with knowing that another book is due to arrive, the courier man is lucky we are both working when he arrives as we possible would have push them over trying to get to the books.

Once again thank you and we are enjoying our reading, keep up the great work.

Linda & Ora, Whanganui, New Zealand

Perfect choice guys! #stoked

Selina, SA

Received a 6 month Modern Fiction Book Subscription from my daughter Alyce for Mother's Day. Received the first book this morning. Very happy with the selection Bookabuy

Roslyn, NSW

I got my first Bookabuy Box a few days ago and was really excited when I opened it. Can't wait to start reading :) Thank you, guys

Mascha, VIC

So chuffed with my Bookabuy subscription! Nothing could be better than a surprise book each month, handpicked and personalised just for me! Fantastic for gift ideas or even just for yourself. They even signed off wishing that I enjoy it with my cup of tea! Cah-ute!! I normally wouldn't have a chance to read anything Australian, and it's so wonderful to be able to read about Janita Cunnington's version of such a turbulent moment in history. The River House explores post WWII Australia and right through the last half century, allowing for a snapshot into how life would have been for its citizens, which is particularly fascinating for me given that my parents and grandparents lived through it all.

Kelsy, VIC

I bought a 6 month subscription for my girlfriend and so far she's loving it! The first book was Girl at War, and while she thoroughly enjoyed it, she admitted she wouldn't have ever thought to buy and read it. That's what makes Bookabuy such an awesome idea - it's like having a nerdy lit friend get you a new book every month to read.

Louis, VIC

The day the postman delivers my Bookabuy subscription is fast becoming my favourite day of the month! Love love love!!!

Jodie, QLD


I received a 3-month subscription as a Christmas present and this is genius. It's a new book, it's (good) mail and it's a present every month, all in one delicious bundle.

I hadn't heard of my first book and probably wouldn't have picked it up in a store, but I'm loving it (and it is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover!) - which just compounds the joy, really!

My second book arrived yesterday and I am thrilled, as its one I've heard about,have been very curious about, but also torn about whether to read. Now I have my answer!

I want to try a subscription in (almost) every flavour ☺

Thanks Bookabuy team, and thanks to my dear Mel for the wonderful gift!

Spanky, NSW

I received a 6 month subscription from my husband for my birthday, and as a new mum on maternity leave it's the best present ever! I can sit and read a new book hand picked for me based on my preferences as bubs naps on my chest. I finished my first book, Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, yesterday and my next book, Now Is The Time by Melvyn Bragg, just arrived in the post. Can't wait to get stuck in!

Kimberly, NSW

A 12 month subscription to Bookabuy is probably the best present I have ever received. I told my husband that all he has to do is renew my subscription every year, and I'll be happy for the rest of my life. I love the delicious anticipation every month before my mystery book arrives, and so far the Bookabuy team's choices have been spot on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Natasha, QLD

1st book received by Imogen from Bookabuy today. She loved it, a great choice by the team

Linda, VIC

The books I have received from you so far have been great!

Ben, NSW

I received my first Bookabuy package yesterday! So excited! Thank you so much :)

Kirsty, NSW

Thank you so much for organising this for me Mel - my Sister absolutely Loved it. She sent me this pic when it arrived & showed me the Letter you sent with her first book... we Loved the "twin sister" reference - made us smile. Such an amazing thing you guys are doing - think I'll extend the subscription I got for her... 3 surprise books in 3 months, won't be enough ! Thank you so so much again for organising this for me xx

Mary, VIC

Thanks Bookabuy! Mum was so pleased with her birthday gift (6-month Classics subscription) and is already busy reading the first of her six books. Love how easy it was to put the order through, and love how personalised you can make the subscription. And the cost – such good value for 6 classic books!

Claire, NSW

I recently received a Bookabuy gift; three books over three months delivered to my door… what a fantastic gift idea. The team at Bookabuy clearly paid special attention to my reading preferences and matched these to their selection for my first book. I loved the book and love the concept. Great idea, great product and great service!

Kerry, NSW

Thanks Bookabuy. This gift idea is great for friends who love to read. My friend loved receiving a book picked just for her by one of her favourite authors.

Maria, NSW

After receiving a surprise book subscription for my birthday, I would definitely recommend Bookabuy as a great gift idea for any occasion. The books I received were beautifully packaged and catered to my individual tastes. It's really exciting to receive a new book to read every month. The service has been very efficient and I look forward to using this business in the future!

Aurelle, NSW

I would highly recommend Bookabuy to anyone looking for a unique gift idea for someone who loves reading. My friend was thrilled with the books hand-picked by the guys at Bookabuy for her birthday subscription. Friendly service and super fast delivery :)

Stephanie, NSW

I was so excited this morning when a parcel arrived at my door. A beautifully wrapped book with a lovely postcard congratulating me on being the first Bookabuy gift recipient. Thank you so much to the lovely people from Bookabuy. I can't wait to read it.

Casey, TAS

What an awesome mail morning!!! Thanks Bookabuy for my awesome prize. If anyone is stuck for Christmas presents for people you should check these awesome book presents tailored for the ones you love!

Raylie-Anne, NSW