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Two by Two

Review by Giulietta Gigliotti (Girl with a Pen)

International Number One bestselling author Nicholas Sparks is back with another heartbreaking story to tell. Two by Two is the story of a hard working father, Russell and his wife, Vivian who is a stay at home mother taking care of their daughter, London, before Russell decides to step out and start his own advertising business.

As his business struggles to meet ends, Vivian starts making life changing decisions that affect her life, husband, daughter and entire family. Enter a new flame, an old love and a sister beyond salvation and Russell’s life is turned upside down. Packed with unforeseeable twists and turns, Two by Two sees Vivian and Russell go head to head in a battle of ‘who is the better parent’, whilst Russell’s family comes to grips with an unavoidable family tragedy.

Nicholas Sparks has produced yet again another tear jerker to read and fall in love with. Filled with tragic emotions and family problems, this book is filled with fun, laughter, heartbreak and sorrow all wrapped up in one big pile of mush. With his spectacular writing that makes you feel like you are part of the characters’ lives, Sparks has produced the kind of book you take with you when you go on a holiday and read all at once. Known for his play on human emotions, Sparks has created a winning combination.

If you like the kind of book that makes your heart swell, than this is the book for you.