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Truly Madly Guilty

Liane Moriarty is triumphant once again with her latest release, Truly Madly Guilty. The book tells the story of a friendly neighbourhood barbecue gone wrong and its social and psychological impacts on each of the party guests. I know what you’re thinking – sounds a bit like Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap! But, unlike The Slap, we don’t find out from the word get-go what exactly happened at Moriarty’s barbecue.

I always fall in love with Moriarty’s characters, and the characters in this one are no exception. We are introduced to three couples – Erika and Oliver, Clementine and Sam, and Tiffany and Vid. Each character has their own secrets and flaws, but there were a few that I was drawn to more than others.

The friendship between Erika and Clementine is very complex and somewhat bizarre, and I initially didn’t really like the neurotic Erika. However, as the book progressed I had a better understanding of where Erika came from and why she is the way she is. Clementine’s character is mostly described in relation to her friendship with Erika, her marriage to Sam and her life as a cellist, so it was difficult to get a good sense of who she was. But Tiffany was a nice distraction and added some interesting twists to the story. And Vid was by far my favourite character of the book – a loud, gregarious man with a heart as big as a house.

The suspense surrounding the events of the barbecue will make any impatient person a little mad (including myself!), but it is what drives the book and is certainly worth the wait.

This is by no means my favourite Liane Moriarty book – my favourites would certainly be Big Little Lies and What Alice Forget. But it’s still a beautifully written story that I have been recommending to all of my friends.