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Three Dark Clowns

​Review by Giulietta Gigliotti (Girl with a Pen)

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake follows the story of three sisters Mirabella, Katharine and Arisone, separated while young to live with different families. All three sisters have magical abilities, three different elements of magic that connect to the lineage of the Royal family. Without having a family to teach them or guide them, the three sisters are on their own as they try to work out who they are and how they will rule. But with that responsibility comes the harsh reality of death. Faced with training for their magic or finding their magic, the three sisters must face the same trials and only one sister can win the crown.

This grisly filled story is a hard book to describe, as little details lead to a spoiler and can ruin the book. This is a book that should be read. There is nothing out there in the market like it. This Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Insurgent hybrid book will have you clinging from page to page, only to make you scream at the end, leaving you wanting more. The writing is strong and dramatic, the names may cause you some hassle, but don’t let that stop you from reading this deceptive book. Romance, intrigue and family issues combine to bring you a story that will leave you reeling.

If you’re looking for an adventure to go on or looking for a book to transport you to another world filled with magic and intrigue, then this is the book for you.