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The Secret Recipe for Second Chances

Review by Giulietta Gigliotti (Girl with a Pen)

Debut Australian author J.D. Barrett has hit the nail on the head with this food filled, ghostly themed book, The Secret Recipe for Second Chances. Lucy Muir is looking for the next thing to do with her life after her cheating, sleazy husband and co-owner of their famous inner city restaurant takes her house, favourite chair, and her restaurant where she flourishes behind the bench with knives in her hand. When fate finally decides to deal Lucy a good hand, her whole life changes for the better, bringing new, exciting and interesting people into her life, including a ghost called Frankie. With touching moments between Lucy and Frankie, the story doesn’t just focus on Lucy’s love for food, but also her desire for happiness with Frankie.

When you buy a book written by an Australian author there are two things to expect – one is wonderful scenery descriptions, and the other is great Aussie slang. This story is filled with both of these and so much Australia that you can almost smell the Jacaranda in the air as you read the book. J.D. Barrett has done a phenomenal job in blending aspects of Australian food, romance, new beginnings and even the idea of ghosts and unrealistic possibilities.

This is definitely a book for anyone who is a fan of Australian writers, reading about Australian suburbs and food and the idea that love is possible even if you may or may not be dead.