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The Easy Way Out

Review by Giulietta Gigliotti (Girl with a Pen)

The Easy Way Out is a life questioning story about a young man whose job deals with a very ethical issue – assisted suicide, and his mother’s life draining terminal illness. Evan, a trained nurse, finds himself a trusted individual who specialises in helping people during the most important time in their lives – the end. Working for an in-hospital organisation that is trying to legalise and push through a helpful law, Evan learns the delicacies of life when patient after patient rely on him during the worst time of their lives.

The blurb of this book is very capturing, and really made me wonder what was going to happen within. The enticing world of a man who helps people end their own lives isn’t a story you read freely and isn’t written about in many books. When I started reading I didn’t know what to expect from the story but what I got was an honest and slightly scary reality check.

The book centres on the issue of euthanasia and the idea of a dying assistant. It plays on the idea of morals and ethics, and how a person can live with themselves when they are responsible for the death of others. The issues that are mentioned in the book are heavy, morally questioning and ethically worrying. A lot happens in this book, but it is the message the book is trying to give its readers that is important, as is the under talked conversation of death.