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Our Tiny, Useless Hearts

Before I begin, I feel compelled to give you this warning: Do not read this book in a public place. It will result in wild, irrepressible laughter that will ultimately lead to unwanted stares from strangers. Our Tiny, Useless Hearts provides an absolutely hilarious and unforgettable insight into the life of a suburban family on the brink of crisis.

Microbiologist Janice gives up her weekend to babysit her nieces, Mercedes and Paris, while her sister Caroline faces the devastating breakdown of her marriage. Henry has left Caroline for the much younger (and prettier) grade school teacher Martha. In an effort to save their marriage, Caroline follows Henry and Martha to Noosa.

With the addition of the nosy neighbours Craig and Lesley who are having their own marital issues, Janice’s ex-husband Alec, and pizza guy Brayden, this book is a one-stop shop of brilliant wit and accurate observation.

Liane Moriarty sums this book up perfectly: “A new Toni Jordan is always a special pleasure and her latest is a wonderful, witty treat of a novel: cutting and clever, and yet so very romantic, as though P.G. Wodehouse had satirised life in the suburbs.”