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Madame Zero

Madame Zero is a short collection of dark and mysterious stories in which prize-winning author Sarah Hall establishes well-developed themes of relationships, sexuality, nature and existentialism. Hall is at it again with an exploration of the connections between the civilized and natural worlds, probing the beast that lies beneath the skin.

In the first story of the collection, “Mrs. Fox”, a woman transforms into a fox and her husband attempts to sustain a relationship with her. In “Wilderness,” a woman on a dangerous hike with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s friend contemplates her mortality. In “Evie,” a woman’s sexually-charged behavior becomes alarming for her husband.

Hall’s exquisite writing makes for a compelling and rewarding read. It is not difficult to become engulfed in each story as they are so captivating, and leave you wanting more.

I have also read (and thoroughly enjoyed) Hall's The Wolf Border, however, I think the short story format really suits her writing style. I look forward to reading more of her collections.