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House of Cards

House of Cards commences with the latest general election, as cabinet posts are being mulled over. Cue the beginning of the end for those holding the reins of power. The protagonist is Francis Urquhart, the Chief Whip with an addiction to power who is willing to betray every secret in politics to become Prime Minister. The reader will also see the lengths to which a young political correspondent will go to obtain the scoop of her lifetime. Mattie stumbles across a web of deceit and financial corruption, risking her life to reveal the truth. In what can
only be described as a true ascent to power of both characters, Dobbs sets the scene for some explosive action that had me on the edge of my seat.

Like many people, I read this novel after developing an addiction to the Americanised television adaptation and, as such, it suffers a little by comparison. However it is full of the same intrigue and humour that made the TV show a huge success. It was impossible for me to absorb Dobbs’s well-written dialogue without imagining Urquhart being played by an iconic actor, and I could hear Kevin Spacey’s evil, manipulative voice throughout the book.

Anyone with a passion for politics (and especially a love of the parliamentary system) will thoroughly enjoy this drama. You will be kept on your toes right until the very last page.