#GIRLBOSS is a refreshingly honest account from Sophia Amoruso, an entrepreneur who built her own fashion empire from scratch and with pocket change. A self-professed high school dropout, Amoruso shares her journey from rags to riches with the founding of Nasty Gal, a multi-million dollar retail business. In the process, Amoruso touches on ideas of creativity, business, and personal morals and ideals.

What I absolutely loved about this book is Amoruso's honest voice. When asked about how they have achieved success, most people would respond with something along the lines of “It all comes down to luck." But Amoruso shares that her success is all hard-earned, and not merely the fabric of luck. One of Amoruso’s key messages in this book is that part of what made her and her brand so successful hinges on the mistakes she has made. Not only are they learning opportunities, but most often the coolest people are those off the beaten path.

As someone who is interested in how successful businesses have come to be (especially when they are created by women), I loved reading about how Amoruso created the idea of Nasty Gal, as well as the growth and evolution of the business in her eyes, rather than in business terminology. While Amoruso talks heavily about the fashion industry, non-fashion forward readers should still read this if they’re looking for a bit of motivation and inspiration.

This isn't a self-help book; it’s a memoir with some advice to GIRLBOSSes. So if you're going into this thinking you'll learn how to start a business, you're wrong. Amoruso is simply giving that motivational push while telling her own relatable story about taking risks and doing what we personally think is right for our lives.

#GIRLBOSS has taught me that #GIRLBOSSes aren't superhuman. They're just like you and me.