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Every Lie I’ve Ever Told

Following on from her bestselling memoir The Anti-Cool Girl, Rosie Waterland’s Every Lie I’ve Ever Told is another honest and hilarious account of her journey through life. Trigger warning: This book deals with some difficult issues, including mental health, suicide, abortion, and abusive relationships.

Every Lie I’ve Ever Told reveals the struggles that Waterland faced when she lost her best friend and “soulmate” to a tragic accident while he was on the other side of the world. The friendship they shared is recounted in the most beautiful and blissful way.

Waterland speaks openly about her nervous breakdown and suicide attempt, but the book is also filled with hilarious stories, like the time she posted a naked selfie on social media, and cringe-worthy sexual encounters.

Waterland has the ability to make you cry from both laughter and heartbreak without even turning to the next page. I am eagerly awaiting her next memoir.

If you do read this book and feel triggered, do not be afraid to speak to someone. If you do not feel comfortable with opening up to someone you know and trust, I encourage you to call the amazing people at Lifeline on 13 11 14.