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Based on a True Story

It's not often that a book resonates with me so much that I feel as though it was written for me personally. This is one such book. From the very first page, Delphine de Vigan’s Based on a True Story captured my attention and did not let go. But what is truth? And what is fiction? Many readers around the world, including myself, have been left in the dark when it comes to these questions.

The narrator of the book is an author named Delphine (just like the real author) who has recently published a successful autobiography. She has subsequently fallen into a depressive state, resulting in an inability to put pen to paper to write a new novel.

Delphine then meets “L.”, a woman who quickly becomes an integral part of her life. L. is mysterious, elusive, and gradually creeps further and further into Delphine's life to the point that the book becomes very reminiscent of Stephen King's Misery. Based on a True Story tells of the claustrophobic relationship which rapidly develops between Delphine and L., and becomes a philosophical two-hander between the two women as they debate the nature of truth and fiction, and how much a writer should reveal of oneself in their work.

This thriller will have you in sheer and utter shock at the end, and will leave you asking more questions days after you finish the last page. I was thrilled to find out that de Vigan's masterpiece is currently being adapted for film, with the director set to be the one and only Roman Polanski. I have my fingers crossed that my unanswered questions will be revealed in the film!