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Back, After the Break

“When we hear someone with a story similar to ours, the magnitude of our story diminishes and it’s no longer something we have to tackle alone, it’s now something we can get help dealing with — because someone else has dealt with it before and they can show us a path out of the pain.” — Osher Günsberg

Back, After the Break, Osher Günsberg’s incredibly important and honest memoir, has opened up a dialogue about mental illness unlike any other I have ever read. Osher provides a detailed account of his life, from his childhood through to his rising career in radio and television (with many successful shows including The Bachelor Australia and Australian Idol). He also speaks candidly about his struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse.

Growing up with Osher on TV (or Andrew G as we formerly knew him), I never guessed that he was tackling mental illness, and his memoir took me by surprise in many ways. Filled with dark humour in the form of footnotes throughout, the book shines a light on his private battles with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, paranoia and body dysmorphia. Osher’s vivid accounts of his anxiety attacks, paranoid delusions and suicidal ideations bring his story to life in a very raw and harrowing way.

Osher is very open about the fact that his recovery is an ongoing work in progress, and he is on a mission to wipe out the stigma associated with mental illness. He encourages others to see that help is out there if you need it.