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All the Light We Cannot See

I am always wary when it comes to Pulitzer Prize-winning books as I have hated quite a few of them in my time. But that is certainly not the case with this one. All the Light We Cannot See is BRILLIANT in every sense of the word.

Anthony Doerr tells the remarkable story of two protagonists living parallel lives during World War II: a blind French girl, Marie-Laure LeBlanc, and an orphaned Germany boy, Werner Pfennig. Doerr not only alternates between the individual lives of both children from one chapter to the next, but also time-hops through a 10-year period from 1934 to 1944. However, by a sheer twist of fate, Marie-Laure and Werner’s lives are brought together for a short moment in which they establish an incredible bond.

All the Light We Cannot See is not only an account of the Nazi invasion of France, but a powerful, beautifully envisioned and heartfelt tale which shines light on the human element during that horrific era.

It is very rare for me to give a book a 5-star rating, and I certainly don’t do it frivolously. But I cannot see a fault with this book. It is definitely the best Historical Fiction novel I have ever read, hands down.