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ShelfLife cover


Imagine a service like Airbnb, allowing users from around the globe to find the perfect place to stay. However, instead of simply renting out someone’s home, you lease their lifestyle. That’s the idea behind ShelfLife, a start-up company that aspires to “help people change their lives, one week at a time”.

ShelfLife centres around three key characters – Trent (“the Hustler”), Gavin (“the Hipster”) and Shanti (“the Hacker”). The story opens with Trent pretending to be a doctor in an Emergency Room, and quickly moves towards the three friends becoming fast business partners. They are taken on a fast-paced rollercoaster ride, exiting their mundane employment to build a new and exciting worldwide company based in Singapore.

Barrie Seppings has created a highly enjoyable, witty and addictive storyline that clearly shows his immense understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the crazy world of tech start-ups.

While incredibly easy to read, ShelfLife is also very provocative and stimulates careful consideration.

If you could swap lives for a week with anyone on the planet, who would you choose to be?

We Love to Imagine: Grace cover

We Love to Imagine: Grace

In the next instalment of our "We Love to Imagine" series, we meet Grace from VIC!

Here’s what Grace told us about herself:

"I work from home as a bookish jewellery designer. I like all things Beauty and the Beast, the Addams Family (Morticia and Gomez are #goals) and books. I like 80s horror films and Disney films which I usually watch with my fluffy ragdoll cat (and on the special occasion, I can con my partner into watching them with me too)."

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The Alice Network cover

The Alice Network

“Are you ever afraid?”

“Yes, just like everybody else. But only after the danger is done—before that, fear is an indulgence. Welcome to the Alice Network.”

Based on real characters and events, The Alice Network is a historical fiction novel weaving back and forth between 1915 and 1947, with Evelyn “Eve” Gardiner, a former World War I spy, and Charlotte “Charlie” St Clair, a pregnant American in search of her cousin, Rose. Everyone assumes Rose died during WWII, but Charlie wants proof which leads her to Eve.

The Alice Network is an admirable, fast-paced, and fascinating story about two women facing challenges and discrimination because of their gender. In the last several years, women from many different walks of life and ethnicities, and their integral contributions to the arts and science, are being uncovered, recognised and brought to mainstream attention in literature and film. The Alice Network is another such contribution; the retelling of a spy network consisting of women who put themselves in grave danger to collect information that the allies could use to defeat Germany. The Alice Network was lead by the remarkable Louise de Bettignies, alias Alice Dubois.

Perhaps the most powerful element of the novel is Eve’s emotional, heartbreaking, broken, grief- and guilt-stricken narrative, as we learn her backstory and her part in The Alice Network. Eve’s character and her perspectives are very strong, and I loved how Kate Quinn gave her a stutter; it was interesting to see how she was able to use this weakness to her advantage.

The Alice Network makes for an interesting group read and discussion for those in a book club.